And thus we asked “An enemy within?”
“No! One without” – obnoxiously replied
To queries queer or straight from foe or kin
Externalized to whom? For sure not I

It enters anyway, that’s true, the scum
The rain, the wind, the damp seeps through the wall
Airbnb invades, the tourists come
For summer here, a hot eternal fall

The roofs cave in, the sun burns up the street
The walls fall down, fall out, fall in, fall short
For all that wood and stone, heavy concrete
A house of cards perhaps, but not a fort

To hang em high is not to hang secure
Within, without, withered, a wall no more.




TOMAS RYDIN | Intrudeucing
Inauguração: 18 de Junho, 19h / Opening: June 18, 7pm

18.06.2015 – 22.06.2015, 15h-19h
Rua de Arroios, 22-A, Lisboa

This exhibition was hosted by André Trindade and Filipa Cordeiro.





(Homemade) Plasterboard (A1) 2014, Anti-Climb-Paint on Canvas (A1) 2015,
Perspex Pipe & Suction Cups (30X10X10cm) 2015, Solar Film (A1) 2015